Instagram does not stop adding new tools and updates to its platform. One of the most used social networks worldwide, seeks to improve the user experience while browsing the application. To the last announcement of the changes that you will make in your feed to see the photos in full screen, now a new function is added to silence the content that you do not want to see that includes emojis, words or themes.

This is a new filter that will be available so that users can hide other people’s content so that it does not appear on their screens when they are browsing the app. With this, Instagram tries to know what the preferred topics and interests of each person are. You can mark what you don’t want to see in two different ways: marking it as sensitive content or as content you don’t want to see.

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Although a tool is already available for users to choose the elements that they do not want to see, they must be selected one by one, something that can be quite tedious. The new function will have a much simpler filter that will allow everything related to a topic to be included without having to mark each of them individually. So far, Instagram has not announced the date on which this function can be enjoyed.