The data arose from the information disseminated by the researcher Alessandro Paluzzi on Twitter. The user, a developer specializing in reverse engineering, shared how this new feature will work.

The social network Instagram is evaluating the possibility of allowing its users to reply to the stories of others with voice messages, thus having more possibilities than just emojis or current text.

The function was discovered by the developer specializing in reverse engineering Alessandro Paluzzi, who shared a screenshot showing how this new type of response to Instagram Stories will work.

As you can see in the image, once the feature is available, a microphone icon will appear inside the Story reply text field. In this way, a third way of reacting to an Instagram “Storie” is added: emojis, text and, now, voice.

For now, the feature is in development, and it’s unclear when it will be available for users to use. It may even be the case that it ends up being discarded and finally never gets integrated into the app, although it seems unlikely.

Be that as it may, the best thing to do to make sure you are among the first to be able to test this feature is to download the latest version available on Instagram, where both this and the rest of the Instagram news will be available first.

More news: The QR would be an option to share a post on Instagram

The surprises do not end here. Alessandro Paluzzi pointed out that another novelty of the social network, of ‘Meta’, would be the sharing of posts with a QR code.

To illustrate this function, the engineer added a screenshot where it appears, below the rest of the options and before ‘Copy link’, the possibility of sharing a publication through a QR code.