Moments of tension were experienced today at the Jorge Newbery Metropolitan Airport in Buenos Aires due to a heated argument between two pilots, one of them from Aerolineas Argentinas and the other from a medical plane, at the moment when he was preparing to land, with the intervention of an air traffic controller.

As it was broadcast through an audio, it all started when the controller asked the airline pilot to keep the course and refrain from landing maneuvers until another aircraft does.

At that moment, the pilot of the medical plane intervened and said: “I thank you, sir, and I apologize for what is happening to you with the airlines in a hurry,” according to the audio broadcast by the TN channel.

“There are no problems, it is something of every day”, answered the controller. “That’s how these kids are,” replied the pilot of the toilet, which prompted the response of his colleague from Aerolineas: “Of all days, the slow ones of every day. We also fall behind the slow ones.”

“Come tell me to my face about ‘little kids'”, added the pilot of the flag line. “Look, if you’re a captain, you’re an asshole and you’re from techno, I’ll beat the crap out of you,” the sanitary aviator replied.

“I’ll wait for you there, on the corner,” was the new response in a neighborhood tone from the Aerolineas pilot, and the conversation was ended by his interlocutor: “There’s no problem, I’m going to the check point. You’re an idiot.”

The harsh conversation had begun to be investigated by the airport authorities, which for the moment had not commented on the matter.