After the arrival of winter and the low temperatures that have been plaguing the city, the municipality began to reinforce the “Cold Operation” program, with the aim of accompanying and hosting people who are homeless. Professionals from the Secretariat of Social Policies, Inclusion and Coexistence will survey the different neighborhoods of the city with the aim of detecting those who are in a state of vulnerability and offering them accommodation, support and four meals a day.

Once they enter the program voluntarily, municipal teams made up of social workers, psychologists, doctors and lawyers attend to the main needs of the citizens who enter the hotels and provide tools so that the shelter is transitory, they can improve their situation and reintegrate into society. society. The survey is carried out together with volunteers from 11 social organizations that make up a work table, in order to immediately address those who are homeless.

To date, 361 people are housed in hotels under the street situation program and there are some 64 more housed in hotels under other situations.

Upon recognition of a citizen who needs assistance, contact WhatsApp at +54 9 3515 95-0589. Likewise, those who are affected by this problem can approach the offices of the Secretariat located at 27 de Abril 784.

In the event that the person decides to remain homeless, the interdisciplinary teams attend in the same way to the needs that may be required. To this end, the Secretariat created a registry of homeless people to carry out a personalized and periodic follow-up of their requirements.