International Graphic Design Day, also known as World Communication Design Day, is celebrated on April 27 every year. With its recognition, it was sought to create a space to publicize the importance of this profession, as well as its contribution to generating significant changes throughout the world.

Although in Argentina the Day of the Graphic Designer is celebrated on October 24, every April 27 the International Design Day is commemorated. That date was determined by the International Graphic Design Council, founded on that day, but in 1963, in London and currently located in Montreal, Canada. This council was created on April 27, 1963 in order to manage, promote and teach the art of design.

What is intended with this event is to promote the reflection of design professionals so that they can use their skills as a tool to value diversity, improve quality of life and overcome their limitations.

Likewise, graphic design is a widely used tool in the business world to publicize and advertise different products, services and brands.

Therefore, graphic designers are, above all, communicators. And, today, most companies turn to them to enhance their messages in a visual way and thus obtain greater reach of their services.