The Interpol arrested in Spain and Italy Renzo Ezequiel Vacca and Franco Eduardo Votterowho are accused of the crime of “repeated scams” next to Romina Ines Vacca, who was arrested upon entering the country in December 2022. The order was issued by the Córdoba Subrogative Investigation Prosecutor, in charge of Daniela Maluf.

The three detainees are accused of being part of an organization that offered services for the construction of dry houses through the companies Novahouse and “Steelcor SAS”. These were denounced on several occasions, some for deficient constructions and others for total non-compliance, harming the victims for an approximate amount of twenty three million pesos.

The defendants would have fled to Paraguay with the money obtained from the crimes, by virtue of which the international capture was ordered via Interpol for which reason he was located and preventively detained with a view to his extradition.