The companies providing the service were authorized by the Public Services Regulatory Entity (Ersep) to raise the price of the ticket by 16.7%. The increase is added to another that the companies that connect the cities and towns of the province applied in December. In that case, it was 23%

The Ersep resolution is dated December 28, but it came to light this Tuesday. “To the companies providing the Public Interurban Passenger Transport Service of the Province of Córdoba regulated by Law No. 8669 and its amendments to increase the current Basic Kilometric Rate to a value of $6.4270 including 10.5% of the VAT for the purposes of comparing with the current TBK results in a value of $7.1018. Thus, the increase amounts to 16.73% compared to the current Basic Kilometric Rate of $6.0842 (VAT included).”, announced the entity.

he increase covers all companies, both those grouped in the Federation of Passenger Automotive Transport Entrepreneurs (Fetap) and those of the Córdoba Association of Automotive Transport Entrepreneurs (Asetac).

How much will it cost to travel with the new increase?

– Cordoba to Carlos Paz: $332 to $387

– Córdoba to Alta Gracia: $332 to $387

– Cordoba to La Falda: $689 to $804

– Córdoba to Villa General Belgrano: $1,292 to $1,507

– Córdoba to Río Cuarto: $2,399 to $2,799

– Córdoba to Villa María: $1599 to $2133

– Cordoba to San Francisco: $1636 to $1909