The Minister of Labor, Raquel ‘Kelly’ Kismer de Olmos, announced this Friday that the national government “is evaluating” the possibility of granting a year-end bonus to registered workers and considered it “likely” that it will be given, but ruled out the award of a fixed sum.

“We are evaluating, working and it is likely that there will be a bonus -at the end of the year- as was done with the national public administration, which was defined as parity,” Olmos said in statements to Radio Nacional, where he also pointed out that “many unions already They have planned it for the bond in their parity and that will make the announcement of the Executive Power be absorbed by that agreement.

Regarding how much the value of the bonus would be and when it would be granted, the head of the labor portfolio said that those points still “are not closed the value because they are talking with the Ministry of Economy.”

Unlike the year-end bonus, Olmos ruled out the fixed sum because “it is an initiative of permanent incorporation into the salary for the formal worker segment, so it does not seem to us the most appropriate way because the parity is demonstrating vigor and it is negotiated to the maximum, so the idea is not to tense at that point”.