We know that when a user decides to use the incognito mode in his browser, he wants to protect his privacy regarding the searches he makes within it and ensure that no other user of the device can see his activity.

How does incognito nest work in Chrome? In theory, the platform prevents the browser from saving visited web pages in the history, or from storing “cookies” and data entered in forms. But Google’s marketing team, led by Twohill, says these measures aren’t enough, calling for “making incognito mode really private.”

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“We can’t market incognito mode as private, because it’s not really private,” with that phrase Google CEO Sundar Pichai reported on Google’s chief marketing officer Lorraine Twohill’s complaint about lack of privacy the incognito mode of Google Chrome, and about the supposed protection systems that are actually highly ineffective, according to the reports compiled by Bloomberg.

Twohill’s complaint comes after some users sued Google for tracking their data when they browsed using incognito mode. The pardons alleged that the company was making a clear violation of their privacy.