Euge Quevedo premiered his new hit with a video clip that breaks it. The LBC singer was encouraged to reverse the song that Shakira recently premiered with the Argentine producer, Bizarrap, in Session Music #53.

To the rhythm of the quartet, sailing in a boat on the lake and with a “rolled up sleeve” in her hand, the artist sang “Pa’ tipos como tú”. In addition, Kesito was encouraged to appear in the video clip and to be pointed out by the singer as the “infidel”.

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Quevedo announced the release of the video clip through his Instagram account, the post received thousands of “likes” and hundreds of comments from the artist’s fans. “Clearly the best female voice in the quartet, even if it stings them”, “How great you are Quevedo!”, “Get her out of the angle Shakira haha”, were some of the comments left by her fans.

Watch the video here: