This Thursday there was a very particular episode in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Belgrano, so much so that it seemed taken from a movie or from the series La casa de papel. A man was walking towards a bank to make the deposit of 7 million pesos, carrying the impressive amount of money in a backpack. But Argentina: motochorros cornered him and tried to steal his bag loaded with money.

The man and the thieves began to struggle and pull on the backpack, but it finally opened and the bills began to fly through the air. In desperation, many people came to help the victim, but several others took advantage of the situation. The surprising thing is that He only lost $70,000 of the 7 million pesos.

The video of a neighbor who recorded the scene from her balcony began to roll on the networks hours later, showing a fragment of the dramatic scene. In the background an alarm is heard that adds more suspense to the situation. The thieves, for their part, escaped in the confusion. In the statement before the Justice, the witnesses assured that they fled to the Buenos Aires suburbs.

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Look at the particular moment that was lived in the streets of Buenos Aires: