A report prepared by the Statistics Institute of the Ombudsman of the Province of Córdoba (INEDEP) reported that the Total Basic Basket amounted to $102,537.40, income necessary for a standard family group not to fall into poverty. Of that amount, $45,775.62 are to purchase the Basic Food Basket with essential foods and save themselves from malnutrition and indigence.

“According to the survey that Mario Decara delegates to INEDEP every month, in July the set of foods that make up the CBA cost $3,006.67 more than last June. This is a month-on-month increase of 7.03%. Compared to July 2021, the increase is $18,618.97, which implies 68.56% year-on-year increase“, they reported.

In relation to the CBT, in one year it had a variation of $38,990.83 and $6,734.95 more than in June 2022.

Increases by item and by product

The cost of CBA food for a household made up of two adults and two school-age children reached $45,775.62 in July 2022. The products that make up the CBA are grouped into five categories: Meats, Fruits and Vegetables, Flours and Legumes, Eggs and Dairy Products, and Others.

Considering the increase according to the food category, Others recorded the largest variation 10.39%. They followed Fruits and Vegetables (9.10%), Eggs and Dairy Products (8.44%), Flours and Legumes (7.82%), and Meats (4.70%).

Within Others, everyday consumer products had significant increases: sugar (19.07%), yerba mate (13.24%), coffee (12.31%), tea (10.36%)oil (8.92%), among others

The Fruits and Vegetables group had a monthly variation of 9.10%. The largest increases correspond to the onion (42.54%), followed by lettuce (39.47%), chard (32.97%), pumpkin (23.44%), sweet potato (20.15%) and banana (18.02%). ).

Eggs and dairy products in the month of July presented a variation of 8.44%. The five foods that make up this group increased their prices: eggs 12.51%whole milk 7.85%, cream cheese 7.79%, grated cheese 6.49% and fresh cheese 5.51%.

The item Flours and Legumes registered a monthly variation of 7.82%. Within this, the items that increased the most are crackers 10.97%, French bread 9.98% and dry noodles 7.39%.

Meat is the group with the highest cost within the CBA. This item had a variation of 4.70%. All the cuts contemplated had increases among which those of the roast 10.96%, ground beef 6.40%, buttock 5.65%, rump 3.47% and chicken 2.26%.