Nocheros fans can’t get out of their astonishment. In the last few hours, the members of the musical group from Salta released a series of bitter news: they will not perform for the whole of January. The reason is the delicate state of health of Moro, Álvaro’s mother and Mario Teruel’s partner. In addition, the announcement comes at a tense moment after the confirmation of Kike’s departure from the group.

In this context, members of the festival organization had to quickly get to work to ensure the fifth moon of Cosco since the presentation of Los Nocheros was scheduled for Wednesday the 25th.

The Cosquín Folklore organization published the following message on its social networks to announce who will be the replacement for these artists: “The Cosquín Municipal Folklore Commission stands in solidarity with the Teruel family in this difficult health moment for La Moro and the whole family. Nocheros that resulted in the cancellation of their presentation on the fifth moon on Wednesday, January 25. It also communicates that in its place they will be present The Santiagueño Manseros, traditional and legendary group from Santiago that also made themselves available in this situation.”

The presentation of this new group comes after a successful passage through the Jesús María Festival, in which they are an always-awaited classic.