Warnes Bros announced that the sequel to batman, directed by Matt Reeves, will hit the big screen on October 3, 2025. In addition, they assured that it will be a trilogy that will take place, like the first, in the fearsome Gotham City. “Matt is working on The Batman 2, which he sees as a Batman crime saga, which also includes the TV series. The PenguinJames Gunn said.

Gunn assured that it is Matt’s own project and that he “is working hard on it” and that he has incredible ideas about it: “So our plan is for that to continue.” On the other hand, the idea of ​​continuing this project is because batman it managed to gross over $770 million at the global box office. So this saga is expected to exceed the numbers achieved in the first installment.

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So far Robert Pattinson has been confirmed for the following installments as well as the actor Andy Serkis, who will once again play Batman’s butler, Alfred Pennyworth. It has not yet been confirmed if the film will once again feature Zoe Kravitz who played Catwoman or Barry Keoghan who brought the Joker to life.