The cybersecurity company NordPass revealed the list of the most used passwords in the world and urged users to change them in case one is found on the list. The risk that accounts can be hacked is enormous, they even claim that they are so easy that even a child could guess them.

Experts say that if a hacker, hacker or anyone tries to enter your account, it will only take two or three attempts to access it. Not only will your privacy be violated, but also all the sensitive information that is in it, such as bank passwords and much more.

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Among the first twenty-five most common passwords we can find:

123456, 123456789, 12345, qwerty, password, 12345678, 111111,123123, 1234567890, 1234567, qwerty123, 000000, 1q2w3e, aa12345678, abc123, password1, 1234, qwertyuiop, 123321, password123, 1q2w3e4r5t, iloveyou, 654321, 666666 y 987654321.

In Argentina the most used are: Bocajuniors, Riverplate, Argentina, Julián, Lionel, Corazón, Princesa, Hello, Mom and Pokemon.

How can we create a secure password?

A good password should be eight or more characters long, not contain your username, real name, or company name. It must not contain any whole words, be different from passwords used elsewhere, and contain at least one of the following: uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number, and symbol (such as % or &).