“Social experiments” are becoming increasingly popular on the Internet: a group stages a fictional situation in a highly trafficked public place to capture on camera the real reaction of people who are unknowingly being studied.

This video was captured from the top of a shopping mall. A young man seemed to be too scared to get on the moving walkway to access the lower deck. The footage shows how some people indifferently pass by him, absorbed in their own business, while the boy manages to put his foot on the treadmill but does not dare to go down.

But the reaction of a family group did not go unnoticed: a couple with a baby carriage and an infant stopped to see what was happening.

The man let his partner continue with the children, to attend to the boy who could not get on the treadmill. “Re scared?”he asked, who nodded. To encourage him, she spoke to him as they went down together: “Keep calm, relax. I was always scared”. She took his hand and accompanied him to go together.

Seconds later the son of the family joined to find out what was happening. The man told the young man to wait for his signal to lift his foot and go down to ‘mainland’.

Then the minor in disguise joined in and added: “Don’t worry, I’m Batman”, and took her hand.

The filming was shared on TikTok by the Italian account @lobuonoinside (The good inside), and accompanied it with the text “Social proof #4. the world i want“.

In a matter of hours, it accumulated more than 40 million views, 4.4 million likes and thousands of comments. Internet users strongly celebrated the actions of the father of the family and were moved by the reaction of the child, who sought to bring peace of mind to the fearful young man.

“I cried with this video. Empathy and observing a little can change things a lot”; “How beautiful, what an education from love does”; “The worried kid also saying ‘I’m Batman,’” Some users highlighted

Watch the moving video: