A few days ago, the Provincial Meeting of the Radical Civic Union was held in Villa Giardino, but to Daniel Sabili’s surprise, the time set aside for talking about politics was very limited. This caused the Mayor of Mendiolaza to pronounce some strong words in front of the members of his party. In reality 2022 Salibi recounted the event.

“I was very angry, actually I was angry 72 hours before when I saw the program. The program means that we were going to talk and for Giardino radicals it is going to talk about politics. I watch the program and read pandemic, health, education. They are all topics important let’s make a work table but not in Giardino”, recalled the mayor.

“The truth seems to me to be disrespectful to the leaders. Going 400 kilometers to talk about a pandemic! We have been talking about a pandemic for two years,” added Sabili.

On the other hand, he assured that said organization showed a lack of commitment with the militants, the young people and the leaders who went to the event with the possibility of knowing the political reality of the party and hearing the different referents speak.

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