From the interior of Córdoba, from the streets of Cruz del Eje and with the power of his guitar, Jairo conquered the world. It is for this reason, because of his tireless love and passion for music, that this Thursday the singer will receive the National University of Córdoba Culture Award. The distinction is in recognition of his artistic career and the contributions that the renowned singer has made by making the city of Córdoba visible to the world.

Jairo was born on June 16, 1949 in Cruz del Eje, province of Córdoba. Throughout his career he has performed more than eight hundred songs in Spanish, French, Italian and German. He began his artistic career in the Province of Córdoba in the ’60s when he was barely a teenager, participating in various amateur contests in the Cordovan media.

Capable without even proposing it, Jairo became the spokesperson for our local and Latin American culture on the most prestigious stages in the world by exposing on stage rhythms, poetry and narrative intrinsically ours “Through their songs, our landscapes, characters and emblematic sites they have crossed the border of Argentina”, they remarked from the house of studies.

The singer will be awarded the 2023 “Centenary of the Reform” University Prize for Culture in an act that will take place this Wednesday, June 28 at 7:00 p.m., at the UNC Cultural Center (Duarte Quirós 107). Admission will be free and free (entry by order of arrival).

Subsequent to the delivery of the distinction, the talk “Tras las huellas” (Anthropology + Music) will be held, within the framework of the “Ciudad Liminar” cycle, in which Darío Olmo and Jairo himself will participate. Moderator, Franca Chiafitella.