As of January 2, 2023, baked goods will suffer an increase of 13 percent. From the Córdoba Bakers and Allied Industrial Center (CIPAC) they explained that the increase occurs for different reasons, including the increase in the inputs necessary for the preparation of these baked goods.

The increase will be between 13% and 15%, in this way the values ​​will become the following: French bread $450 per Kg, bread mignon $500 per Kg, Creole bread $850 per Kg, common invoice from 100 pesos per unit and fine dough between 4,000 and 5,000 pesos per kilo. Marcelo Caula, general secretary of Cipac, in dialogue with Radio Miter expressed: “The price of bread, more than an increase, is an adjustment that we have been making from time to time and as of Monday, January 2, we have this new suggested price.”

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In addition, the general secretary assured that it has been two months since the sector made no increases. “The increase varies between 13% and 15%, taking into account that all products have been increasing in recent months. We have not adjusted the price of bread for more than two months,” he stated.