In recent years, Jenna Ortega She has become one of the most acclaimed and in-demand actresses of her generation. Few twenty-year-old performers like her can boast of having debuted in a blockbuster like iron Man 3 or have participated in series as acclaimed as Jane the Virgin either you.

Add to that the title of Centennial Scream Queen and the global fame achieved in his most recent projects: first, as the protagonist of the return of the saga scream and then in front of wednesday, one of the serial phenomena of 2022. His career promises to continue unstoppable in the coming months, with long-awaited productions on the horizon such as the second season of wednesday or the sequel to beetlejuice.

Taking a recording pause, ortega sat down with the actress elle fanning to share a talk organized by Variety known as “Actors on actors”. In it, he talked about his recent work and shared his concern about the toxicity of social media.

Variety brought together the protagonists of wednesday and The Great, for one of their conversations between actors in which they also participate Jennifer Coolidge (The White Lotus), Jeremy Allen White (The Bear), diego luna (Andor), ellen pompeo (Grey’s Anatomy) either Peter Pascal (The Last of Us). In the meeting between Ortega and Fanning, they shared experiences and talked about failed auditions, the difficulties of starting to act at a very young age and the dark side of social networks, among other aspects. Referring to this last topic, the protagonist of wednesday He showed his concern about it.

“When I was younger, they’d take us to communication classes, Disney 101 or something like that.“He recalled, alluding to his bad experience in networks: “And they’d tell us, ‘You’re going to post three times a day. This is how you get and attract followers and promote our series.’ You would go into a casting or a meeting and they would ask you: ‘How many followers do you have?'”

fanning For his part, he assured that he was left without a character because he did not have enough followers, something with which ortega has felt very identified: “Even after shooting wednesdaywhen I was casting, they would tell my team: ‘We like it, but we don’t know if it has a strong enough name.'” And added: “Social networks, what they do to people our age, is a comparison game. They influence the popular mentality. They manipulate. After the series, It makes me nervous to share or say anything about anything, or be myself.”

The actress acknowledged that she is afraid to say something for fear of being misinterpreted. “I tend to be sarcastic or dry, so it’s easy for me to get into trouble. I want people to be able to meet the actors behind the scenes and realize that no one should be put on a pedestal. They see your vulnerability and it they take a turn in a way you don’t always expect,” He stated just before bursting into tears: “It’s so weird. It’s so hard to find the balance. How can you come clean without jeopardizing your own health and safety? It’s so easy to feel like you’re losing control.”

despite the fear, ortega He declared that he still wants to show himself authentically on networks: “In this industry, you get in front of the camera and people want you to be something else. ‘Do you have more energy?’, ‘Could you smile?’ And it’s disgusting. I don’t want to feel like that. I’d rather people see me cry or whatever than be something I’m not.”