The driver gave his opinion on the complaint against him for alleged sexual abuse that he did Lucas Benvenuto. The comedian had expressed himself this week through a statement and, later, in a video that he posted on his social networks where he said: “I did not rape, I did not abuse and I did not drug anyone”.

In the one-on-one between Rial and Jey, which was broadcast on C5N, he broke the silence again.

“I thank you for the vote of confidence. I would like to tell you that I chose you because we are not friends, in principle and on the same level, I consider you a shrewd, deep journalist, capable of going to the bone and I know that you are going to ask everything and the situation warrants. I thought about it, I didn’t consult with anyone. I didn’t want to sit with someone who’s going to take care of me. I want you to ask me everything. Someday, maybe, we’ll be friends. We’re not enemies, but we don’t know each other well enough. And I need you to be the one to ask me those questions,” Jay began.

The accused driver continued: “I want to tell how I am because I haven’t said anything for a week. I’m at home, here, how you see me, my friends visit me, they support me, my family the same. I’m in shock, paralyzed and take clonazepam all the time, because it’s the way I have to cope with this situation”.

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Rial asked Jay what was the link with Lucas to which he replied: “I could tell you what Lucas was and what it is. For me it was a loving, beautiful bond. I say bond because perhaps a relationship is one thing, when you have a relationship, I don’t know if you understand the difference between relationship and bond. I I understand that there is. I take the word ‘bond’ as when you see yourself with a person, the bond happens sporadically. Sometimes bonds are stronger than relationships. I think it was a strong bond with him, that’s why it was nice , It implied that I even compose a song for him. I was encouraged that it was one of the few love songs that I composed. That’s why I say that it was a beautiful bond. Today it represents something else.”

The extensive interview ends with Mammón’s words: Lucas is a boy who is a victim of a story that I am now elucidating and it is tremendous.”