Jey Mammon broke the silence this Thursday after accusations of abuse of minors Lucas Benvenuttoa young man who assures that he had relations with him when he was 14 years.

After being fired by teleph of “The Rock of Morfi”the artist expressed a statement on his Twitter account instagramwhere he spoke of a campaign of harassment and defamation against him and remarked that the complaint against him that was filed in 2020, prescribed and was dismissed.

“I see myself in the need to inform that this action, which seeks unspeakable returns to the detriment of my person, is added to a persistent campaign of harassment and defamation,” express. The driver claimed that he was the victim of “extortive conduct” from the person who filed a complaint that “Justice dismissed and closed.”

mammon He announced that he will take legal action against the complainant. “The situation raised is the product of the conduct of a person who, in this case, and before the Justice has acted untruthfully,” added.

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