Originally from Úbeda, Spain, Joaquín Sabina embarks on a new tour that will bring him to Cordoba. “Against the relentless wind of the passing of the years, against the hangover tide of times adrift, Against all odds, Joaquín Sabina, at seventy-four years old, back from everything and cured of frights for being old and for being a devil, announces his return to the stage to the delight of himself and his audience“, reads the released press release.

Sabina hasn’t come to Argentina for three years. Her most recent appearance was in February 2020, pre-pandemic, in Madrid. That is why “concludes his recent period behind closed doors and opens again, (we insist, Against all odds), the canteen of his live shows, massive rituals in which he will once again draw the magic of his bowler hat, offering the generous bar free of emotions that provoke their songs live, universal hymns adhered to the genetics of popular culture of several generations”.

Agenda: They spread the bands that will be at Cosquín Rock 2023

The Spanish will also present a documentary signed by Fernando León de Aranoa.

Although it is not yet known exactly on what date Sabina will be present in Córdoba, Quality Producciones announced that from November 3 more information can be found at https://contratodopronostico.com/. The world tour is announced to start in February 2023 in Latin America (Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Argentina and Uruguay). Then it will be Spain’s turn in the spring and it will arrive in Mexico and the USA in the fall.

“Collective acts of liturgy at a point between mythomaniac solemnity and hunting irreverence, in which the master of the verse, the verse and the chorus will review the most grandiose and emblematic of his vast musical work together with new unreleased tracks”close the enigmatic bulletin.