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John Dalmasso: "they did everything wrong"

With expectation, the week of testimonial hearings in the trial for the femicide of Nora Dalmasso, murdered in her home in Villa Golf, Río Cuarto, and for which her husband is accused, opened this Tuesday. This time it was the turn of Juan Dalmasso, Nora’s brother, who pointed out to the prosecutor and the jury that “Justice, together with the Police, started the process in the wrong way.”

“I think that from the start a bad path was taken,” he considered and said that day “I heard a coroner say that the prosecutor should come quickly because it was a suicide.”

The testimony also pointed to the lawyer Daniel Lacasse, who, according to Dalmasso, was not properly investigated. “He was the first opportunist for Nora’s death”, arguing political issues.

Juan Dalmasso and his mother, Delia “Nené” Dalmasso, were the only plaintiffs in the file during the investigation of the case, although they finally desisted from continuing that representation because they disagreed with the accusation against the widower Macarrón, as stated by the the victim’s son, Facundo.

In the investigation stage, Juan Dalmasso had provided as evidence a notebook in which Nora kept notes related to her private life and declared that although her sister and Macarrón “discussed a lot”, although they formed “a good marriage” and had a ” excellent relationship, at least in the eyes of third parties”.

The five witnesses of this Tuesday were in the victim’s house on November 26, 2006 once they became aware of the crime, observed the movements of the investigators from the beginning and witnessed the kidnapping of elements kidnapped in the family house, located in the country Villa Golf de Río Cuarto.

The statement of Silvia Magallanes, who at that time was a partner of the lawyer Daniel Lacasse, and of Jorge Grassi (first cousin of Nora Dalmasso) and his wife, is also scheduled for Tuesday.

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