In the final stretch before PASO, the candidate for head of government of the PRO, Jorge Macriexpressed his wish that the presidential candidate of Together for Change, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, show greater emphasis on your electoral support. Unlike other prominent space leaders who have openly endorsed him, Macri considers that Larreta should be more emphatic in his support.

In statements to radio Profile, Jorge Macri pointed out that each candidate for president manifests himself in his own way and with his style. He mentioned Patricia Bullrich, Mauricio Macri and María Eugenia Vidal as examples of leaders who have been very emphatic in their support. However, He noted differences in the case of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, whom he would like to see more determined in his support.

The candidate for head of government of the City of Buenos Aires emphasized that he is the only PRO candidate for this position. Although at one point there was the possibility that Fernán Quirós would also run for the PRO, Macri considers that a divided offer in the City would not be the most convenient.

Despite your comments, Jorge Macri believes that this issue is secondary and that, ultimately, people will vote based on what each candidate has to offer.

On the other hand, Macri referred to the double voting system that will be used in the City of Buenos Aires. With a paper ballot and ballot box system for national authorities and the Single Electronic Ballot (BUE) for Buenos Aires candidates, Jorge expressed his desire that there be a lot of information available for voters to understand how both systems will work.

Regarding the speculation about whether the electronic voting system could favor him internally against the radical senator Martín Lousteau, Jorge Macri affirmed that he never underestimates the voter. He is confident that citizens will find a way to vote for their preferred candidate, regardless of the voting mechanism used.

Jorge Macri demanded greater emphasis on electoral support for Horacio Rodríguez Larreta • Channel C
Larreta and Macri. Photo: TN

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