After an intense elimination gala, the public decided this Sunday that Juan Reverdito is the next to leave the Big Brother house. He is the fourth participant to leave, after Tomás Holder, Martina Stewart and Mora Jabornisky.

Juan, known as “the taxi driver”, was widely criticized for his behavior inside the house, after having arrogant attitudes and having fought with different participants. This is reflected in the numbers, as more than 88% of voters chose to leave the game.

“Well, Juan. Tomorrow we are going to talk a lot. The question I want to ask you is the one I ask everyone who goes out: What do you think happened to the people?Santiago asked when he met the taxi driver.

“It’s a game, and I came to fulfill a dream. And I did not fulfill it, but I had a good time and …”, the participant explained, who succumbed to the cries of his brother, who called him from the stands and went to the place Where was it.

After knowing the results, users of social networks celebrated his departure.