The renowned economist Juan Carlos de Pablo, about to present his new book “Argentina 2024-2027: The economic challenge of the next government”, spoke with the Córdoba Empresa program on Radio Rivadavia. Facing this year’s elections, and within the framework of his work, he declared without seeking to make a prediction, that “there could be a deep recession.”

In addition, he maintained that between the transition from one government to another, there is always the dichotomy of “economic shock” or “gradualism”, and that therefore one must wait until the time of the polls to be certain of how the next one will operate. government.

De Pablo maintained that, according to his criteria, “the first semester of 2024 will be something similar to the first semester of 1959, when Frondizi’s Minister of Economy decided to unify the exchange rate and unify prices, the first half was a shock” .

On the other hand, he concluded: “Practical economic policy is a mixture of ideology and circumstance, and in Argentina the circumstances are so compelling that ideology has to be put in the freezer for a while.”