Juan Darthés broke the silence this Sunday after almost five years. The actor, who was denounced by Thelma Fardin for a sexual abuse that occurred when she was 16 years old, during an Ugly Duckling tour, referred to the resolution of the Brazilian Justice.

After the ruling known last May, the actor appeared in a video on social networks and thanked those who have supported him in the last five years. In addition, regarding the judicial decision, he assured: “The two rulings were clear and forceful.”

“Five years, almost five years that have already passed…Talking to you about the destruction of life, my past, work and irreparable damage, makes no sense. I think you know it and I’m not going to stay there. Because each one has his struggles, “he expressed in a recording that was published by his lawyer, Fernando Burlando.

“And to you, to each one of you who, despite that daily struggle, could think of the best for this. Of course, the best thing would be Justice, right? But Justice with its times, listening to everyone, not to a single version or a single story, not prejudging, not entering into social condemnation… And you did it with messages, with a hug, with looks, with prayers and it was very important for us, it was a healer… And I wanted to thank you, “he reflected.

After the video of the actor speaking, a letter appeared that highlighted the work of the team of lawyers that represent it. “I want to thank the team that works on the process. Thank you for your ability and heart, ”she noted. And he added: “Thank you Fernando Burlando for your friendship and for putting your chest to so much hypocrisy and lies”.

It should be remembered that after the verdict issued less than a month ago, Fardin assured that he will proceed to appeal the ruling and will seek to be heard again. “As it happened in 2009, it was prescribed, as it happened in 2010, it was not prescribed. One has to choose when they abuse her,” said the actress indignantly after hearing the reasons why the Justice acquitted Darthés.