The actor Juan Darthes He was acquitted in the first instance by the Brazilian justice for lack of evidence in the case initiated by the actress Thelma Fardin for sexual abuse. It was reported by the defendant’s lawyer, Fernando Burlando.

mocking He maintained in television statements that his client was subjected to an investigation “Not only from a country, like Nicaragua, where the rule of law does not exist, but also in Argentina and Brazil. Nobody can say today that Darthés was not really thoroughly investigated.”

And followed: “The result of all this investigation is obviously very comforting for Juan’s family. They were spreading news on digital platforms that the trial had been annulled and that is a lie. That is indeed fake news. What it is not a fake news is his acquittal, after a very long process where he was denounced and mistreated for others in a very sensitive event. Because when talking about situations of this quality and tenor, they are sensitive to the whole of society”.

Besides, mocking He recognized that it was admissible for everyone to issue an opinion before Justice was defined. “It happens eventually in all cases. But hey, the situation is this, which is the acquittal of Juan Darthés”complete.

The complaint was filed more than four years ago and ended up in the courts of Saint Paulwhere he settled Darthes.