During the inauguration ceremony of the Camino San Carlos distributor, the current governor of Córdoba, Juan Schiaretti, gave statements to the local media in which he addressed different current political and economic issues in the country, and shared his perspective on the incorporation of non-lethal weapons in the security forces of the province. In this sense, the president stressed the importance of carrying out permanent actions by the State to combat insecurity.

In addition, the governor emphasized the need to implement effective measures to reduce thefts and provide greater security for citizens. Asked about the impact that these measures could have on the reduction of violent robberies, the governor stated: “I am not a technician to give details of that nature.”

Referring to non-lethal weapons, the president stated: “What is important is that it is a non-lethal weapon, much better than tasers. Remember that I did not agree with the use of these pistols because if they hit someone who had a heart condition they could be lethal. On the other hand, these types of weapons have different characteristics, it gives peace of mind if all the medical studies certify it and it gives the policemen more peace of mind.”

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Regarding national politics, the governor expressed the need for a coalition government to overcome the years of decline and impoverishment of the Argentine people. Schiaretti emphasized the importance of establishing a concrete action program to achieve this goal. Regarding his candidacy, he stated: “In addition to being a candidate for president, representing production and labor, representing the deep interior, I am working so that we can form a government coalition that allows Argentina to overcome the years of decadence and frustration.”

In the economic sphere, Juan Schiaretti criticized the current government strategy and advocated a serious stabilization plan that puts an end to the fiscal deficit. Regarding inflation, he affirmed that it is possible to reduce it, but stressed the importance of avoiding temporary solutions and betting on lasting measures. The governor also questioned the performance of Minister Massa, describing his management as a resounding failure. He emphasized that inflation has increased significantly during his tenure, which shows the multiple failures of the current government in economic matters.

“Minister Massa has failed resoundingly, he received inflation at 60% and now it is at 120%”

Juan Schiaretti

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