The senators of the PRO Luis Juez and Humberto Schiavoni asked the Justice this Thursday to take the “pertinent measures” so that both assume as representatives of the Senate in the Council of the Magistrature and the “absolute nullity” of the appointments of Martín Doñate and William Snopeck.

In a document requesting the start of “execution of sentence” presented before the federal court in Administrative Litigation 3, both national senators requested that “the absolute nullity of DPP 33/22 issued by the Presidency of the Senate of the Nation be decreed According to the text released today.

“With notorious disregard of the applicable legal order, the President of the Senate has illegitimately appointed the ruling party senator Martín Doñate as regular counselor and the ruling party senator Guillermo Snopek as alternate counselor through DPP 33/22 of 04/20/2022”, they argued in reference to the decision adopted yesterday by Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

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In addition, they demanded that “the pertinent measures be adopted so that Senators Luis A. Juez and Humberto L. Schiavoni take over as advisers to the titular and alternate magistracy, respectively, both for the second minority” and on behalf of the Upper House.

Judge and Schiavoni recalled that they were appointed by the Frente PRO Bloc in the Senate to integrate as head and alternate, respectively, the Council of the Judiciary by the second minority. “In this capacity we present ourselves and request to be taken as a party in the process of executing the sentence that we hereby promote,” they maintained.

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