The candidate for governor of Together for Change (JxC), Louis Judge, closed this Thursday night his campaign for the provincial elections on Sunday in the Quality space, in the Cordovan capital. The leader of the Civic Front was accompanied by his running mate, the radical Mark Carasso, which is the head of the provincial UCR. On stage, they were also Rodrigo de Loredocandidate for mayor for the city of Córdoba, but there were no national figures from the opposition alliance.

During the event, the gubernatorial candidate delivered a harsh speech. “With me they could never in forty years of politics, I never kneeled to power and I will not do it now that I am going to be governor of Córdoba,” said Luis Juez.

In this line, Judge pointed out against some policies of the provincial government: “Do not expect us to give the fourth hand to the beltway but have no doubt that we are going to give dignity to our teachers,” Judge said before the militancy and the leaders present.

“They have made us believe that someone can value a place more than security at the bus stop, where they kill you like a dog.”

On the other hand, he expressed: “We are going to give teachers salary dignity, because we need them to educate our children. I am not going to be director of Green Spaces. Do not come to me with nonsense. They were 25 years of cosmetics. There is no indicator make us feel proud. They stole 24 years from us, let’s not give them 20 more”