Emilia Ferrero, Julián Álvarez’s girlfriend, made a forceful defense after being in the eye of the storm for several days due to the dissemination of a video where she was seen trying to organize, in a bad way, the greeting of the player with children from the neighborhood.

After the viralization, social networks exploded against her and even many warned the striker of the Argentine National Team to stay away from people who did not let him enjoy winning the Cup in the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

“First of all, happy holidays. I think it is necessary to put the situation that has gone viral in recent days in context,” began the story published by Emilia on her networks.

Faced with this scenario, in recent days some users did not let the moment pass and, after an exhaustive investigation, they were able to verify that the couple would be in full crisis, since neither Julián nor his brothers follow Emilia on Instagram.

“On Thursday we got together for dinner with my family. It was two in the morning, some boys/girls arrived (most of my students, with whom I have a lot of confidence),” the statement continues.

Then he maintained that, before leaving dinner, Julián decided to go out to greet the children and take a group photo so that everyone would take a nice memory, but many did not see it that way.

“I only tried to organize. I apologize if the way I reacted was not the best, I hope you know how to understand,” Emilia finished her explanation.

Although it did not reveal how the relationship between the two is, from the footballer’s family environment they would not be happy with the situation and were angry with the young woman by maintaining that Julián does not usually expose himself in this way in the media.

Emilia and the soccer player have been in a relationship for a few months. The relationship was consolidated, or they began to be shown publicly, when the striker announced his move to Manchester City.