Starting next June, gas and electricity rates will increase again throughout the national territory. The Secretary of Energy, Darío Martínez, signed the resolutions that establish the update of the gas and electricity rates, the decision was agreed within the framework of the public hearings held between May 10 and 12.

Rate increases must be less than the variation in citizens’ income, as established by President Alberto Fernández and the head of the Treasury Palace, Martín Guzmán. According to this, those who have a social tariff will have a total annual increase of less than 21.6%, a percentage equivalent to 40% of the increase registered by the Salary Variation Coefficient (CVS) during the past year.

In the case of the electricity rate, the increase in the Residential Seasonal Price of Electric Energy (PEST) will be 26% average. However, it should be noted that the increase in electricity bills will be different in each province due to the large number of providers in the country.

As far as gas is concerned, users with the Social Rate will not have any increase; while for the rest of the users throughout the country, the sale price of gas at the Point of Entry to the Transportation System (PIST) will increase between 41.7% and 46.3%, which will represent an increase in the average bill for residential users between 18.55% and 25%.

Source: Telam