Raúl Frencia, the lawyer for Joaquín Sperani’s family, reported that Justice is investigating the possible participation of more people in the crime of the adolescent in Laboulaye. France said in an interview with Chain 3 that the situation is dramatic and the parents have no answers about what happened. According to the lawyer, they do not have access to the autopsy or to additional information provided by the Juvenile Judge. Justice is analyzing whether the crime was committed by a single person or if there were more involved.

France explained that Joaquín and the alleged murderer were friends and used to visit each other. Regarding the conjecture that the alleged murderer took Joaquín’s cell phone, the lawyer considers that it cannot be confirmed at this time. Parents are distraught and looking for concrete answers. Because the cause is under summary secrecy, there are many unknowns that are still unknown.

The Laboulaye community is shocked by this tragic event. France also mentioned that the defendant is not criminally liable due to his status as a minor.. However, in case there are more people involved, it must be analyzed if they are minors or adults. The lawyer announced that they will present themselves as private complainants to explore other lines of investigation.

Regarding the possible bullying that Joaquín may have experienced, Frencia stated that everything is subject to investigation and that they are working based on it. He also pointed out that the mother was summoned on several occasions by the school, and they will request access to the corresponding minutes to determine if measures were taken in this regard.

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