A couple of kayakers showed through Tik Tok the moment they were surrounded by a group of whales while rowing in Puerto Madryn and the video was all the rage.

In a few hours, they received more than 12 million visits from all over the world and thousands of messages about the shocking images.

The protagonists were Mariana Gioielli, 26, and Paolo Osta, 27. It was on the morning of August 31, on a day when the sea was without waves in the Golfo Nuevo, in front of Puerto Madryn.

The video shows how the back of a whale appears on the surface and they greet it. The laughing moment became more tense when two others approached, in what is estimated to be a copulation group.

“Imagine that each one weighs about 45 tons that they are passing you under the kayak and we were quite far from the coast,” Paolo described.

The rower stressed that “the whales are millimetric in their movements, he was not afraid of that, but he did not know if there were also calves that are more clumsy.”

“The coward looks like me, but the one who was screaming was her,” said Paolo, pointing to his girlfriend and adventure partner.

“When we saw that things were getting complicated, I said ‘let’s go’ and the Olympic rower appeared that I had never seen,” Mariana said in reference to her boyfriend. “I received more than 12 million visits and contact from many parts of the world,” added the young woman.

“Unwittingly, it is the largest tourist promotion in our area that we did by chance,” Paolo analyzed.