The Minister of Labor, Raquel “Kelly” Olmos, came out to apologize for having declared that she preferred the Argentine National Team to win the World Cup rather than lower inflation. And she regretted “having generated so much negative reaction.”

Olmos had pointed out that obtaining the World Cup by the national cast was going to generate a great impact “from the emotional point of view.” The official’s statements generated criticism from different sectors of the opposition, so she came out hours later to clarify them.

“It is evident that I have not known how to clearly express my position regarding the option ´to lower inflation or for Argentina to win the World Cup´. If it has been interpreted as that for me it is better to ´win the World Cup´, it has been because I gave my answer the question in a way that leads to that conclusion,” the minister said in a statement released to the press.

And immediately she added: “I apologize for having confused a simple issue in this way and of which I am convinced. It is very important that Argentina win the World Cup because of what it would mean emotionally for the Argentines, but by stating that that month ´will not make the difference´ in the fight against inflation, I did not mean to say that we will be standing still for a month watching the World Cup without doing anything to reduce the rates.

When participating in the Public Opinion program, on Channel 9, the head of the labor portfolio was asked about what she preferred: to lower inflation or for Lionel Scaloni’s National Team to win the World Cup in Qatar.

And it was there that the controversy was generated when he said: “Afterwards we continue working with inflation, but first let Argentina win.”

The statements quickly went viral on social networks, when 2022 is about to come to an end with inflation that will be around 100%.