Regardless of age, physical activity is key to combat sedentary lifestyle and obesity, as well as the factors that can be triggered by it. Health experts recommend at least taking a daily walk to stay fit.

Although it is known that after the age of 30 the body suffers a natural decline, staying fit and gaining muscle mass after that age is not impossible, it just requires effort and discipline. One factor to keep in mind is that it will not be easy to gain muscle, but with training and a good diet it can be achieved.

What are the ideal exercises?

According to experts there are certain exercises that people over 40 years of age can do, these focus on the need to maintain body strength and slow down natural decline. First of all, there are resistance exercises followed by sports that include rackets.

Activities related to dance and sports with balls that keep the muscles active are also ideal; a good activity is also walking, also yoga has been recommended by experts.

An excellent idea is to put together a routine with the exercises that you would like to practice and with which you feel comfortable, including the previous recommendations so that you can do it daily and increase your body mass. In addition, we recommend that you visit a nutritionist who can improve your eating plan and help you with these goals.