Within the framework of the so-called “War against inflation”, the Minister of Productive Development of the Nation, Matías Kulfas, affirmed this Monday that the trust to subsidize the price of wheat flour, after the international rise that it had after the outbreak of the war between Russia and the Ukraine, would allow the prices to go back to the values ​​of March 8 and 10. He also announced that the Secretary of Commerce is working to define “in 24 hours” which products of a food basket will return to their old values.

The message was released at a press conference, after the minister met with representatives of the food and supermarket industries. It was the formal start of the meetings of sectoral tables with which the Government seeks to agree on mechanisms to roll back prices.

On the other hand, Kulfas confessed to a “strong discussion” with the businessmen during the meeting. “At the meeting there were strong tensions and discussions because they did not want to take charge and we agreed to give ourselves 24 hours to analyze whose responsibility it is: the producers or the intermediaries,” he said at the press conference and from the Government they scheduled 24 hours to “clarify unjustified increases”.

He also reported on the launch of a new “credit line for $8,000 million at a subsidized rate for the milling industry” with the aim that the mills accelerate the purchase of wheat to produce flour but avoid “a massive transfer of prices to the table of the Argentines”.

Finally, the Minister of Productive Development warned: “We hope not to have to apply the supply law again, but if we have to, we will do it again.”