L-Gante, the creator of Cumbia 420, has been in the center of public opinion in recent months not only for his music but also for endless complaints against him. This time the cumbia singer became a trend due to a post he published on his Instagram account where he gave an iPhone to a follower, and now he wants to up the ante: he wants to give it to one of his fans 1 million pesos.

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“I don’t know if everyone is aware, but last week we gave away an iPhone 13, here from the profile. As a result of that, it occurred to me that I want to give away 1 million pesos in Argentina. So until now I leave you this date. Stay tuned,” L-Ghent said in a video.

The story of L-Gante in which he shared that he wants to give away a million pesos in Argentina.  (Photo: Instagram/@lgante_keloke)
The story of L-Ghent in which he shared that he wants to give away a million. (Photo: Instagram/@lgante_keloke)

In his Instagram stories, in addition, at the time in which he shared the clip telling the detail, he suggested to his followers what they can use the money for: “To brighten up the house.”

L-Ghent did not give more details about how the draw will be, or when it will take place and urged to pay attention to its next publications on networks to be able to sign up.