The Cordovan band, recently winner of two Gardel Awards, does not stop generating numerous hits that are being played throughout the country. After Universo Paralelo and Somos lo que fue, the quartet group released a new version of “Mira” together with the Uruguayan artist Lucas Sugo.

The song was recorded when the band was performing one of its shows in the province of Buenos Aires, where they sang along with a large number of artists.

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“Mira” also has another video clip that was recorded by the band in May of this year. Meanwhile, the new release already accumulates nearly half a million visits.

Watch the new video here:

Gardel Awards 2022

The band from Villa Dolores won two statuettes at the Gardel Awards, during the celebration that took place at the Movistar Arena.

La Konga won the award for best quartet group album with Universo Parallel, the album that was released in 2021. And as expected, the version of Universo Paralel with Nahuel Pennisi won the award for Best Quartet Song of the Year. .