families of Laboulayein the department President Roque Saenz Peña, they completed the deed procedures and became the definitive owners of their homes. 37 free property titles corresponding to the program were delivered Your House Your Writing, and 61 homes belonging to the LPI.

“The deed will give them the peace of mind and security of their own home, with which they can leave it to their children or take out a mortgage loan. Now a very important cycle for families is closing, the last link in their own home”, remarked the Minister of Habitat and Family Economy, Laura swears.

the quartermaster Cesar Abdala He stressed how important it is to have these initiatives that improve the quality of life of families. Also present were the departmental legislator Victoria Busso; councilors and other local authorities.

More than 50 families also received a new boost from the People’s Bank and have the resources to get ahead. This is the line of 50,000 pesos with free destination and 150,000 pesos to start or promote a venture.

I swore Together with officials, they toured how the construction of Seed Housing is progressing, housing units made up of a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen-dining room.

They also supervised the work on the sports center, which will soon be enabled for neighbors to enjoy this new meeting point.

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