After completing the last shows of the year, Lali Espósito packed her bags to travel to the World Cup in Qatar, where she will join the coverage that Marley is doing in Around the world, on the Telefe screen. “Infallible in the suitcase: the flag and the palo santo”, she commented on her social networks, referring to the cabals that she adopted to eliminate the “bad vibes” around the Argentine National Team.

It all started in the match between Argentina and Mexico, in which, hoping to obtain a positive result after the defeat against Saudi Arabia, the artist parodied a Cordoba protester who went viral because of the way she danced in the last match. march for Peronist Loyalty Day, dressed in an albiceleste shirt, barefoot and with a holy stick in hand. Her image quickly went viral and since “Scaloneta” managed to overcome her rival, a cabal was born, since she repeated the ritual in the games that followed.

And on Friday the 8th, the actress and singer will be at the Lusail Stadium to watch the quarterfinals against the Netherlands live, along with Marley, Mirko and the entire production of the program, with whom she gets along very well, since they have shared several trips . But also, she will have the company of someone very special: her brother Patricio hers.

“Marley invites me with Telefe, and when they call me I say: ‘Can this be rejected?’ No. The only thing I asked for was a companion…”, he said in an interview. And after a brief moment of reflection, he decided to call his brother Patricio to invite him to this soccer adventure. “I’m taking it to the fat man, I love you fat man. I called him on a video call and he started crying. He told me ‘do you know what this is for a soccer fan?'”, She revealed excitedly.