Visiting “El Hormiguero”, hosted by Pablo Matos, the jury of “La Voz Argentina” left everyone speechless by doing a step-by-step on how to put together the classic fernet with cola, their “favorite drink”.

“I want to make you Argentine. In Argentina there is a lot of partying and a lot of nightlife. Sometimes, when you are with your friends and it is time to leave the house where that preview is happening, a ‘traveler’ is put together, which is the community drink “, the artist began to say..

Once the drink is finished, the former “Almost angels” He stirred it with his finger and exclaimed: “I bless you with the most Argentine drink.” Without hiding his displeasure, the driver asked: “Let’s see, what’s wrong with Argentines?”

Before the viralization of the “tutorial” of the Argentine artist, the users of the networks dedicated funny messages to honor her.

Check out the hilarious moment!