In full celebration for the triumph of Daniel Passerini as mayor of Córdoba, the governor-elect Martín Llaryora launched a controversial statement that was echoed in the presidential campaign. The message was addressed to the national leaders of Together for Change who came en masse to support Rodrigo de Loredo’s candidacy in the capital, whom he called “Pituquitos de Recoleta” and urged them to stop mistreating and wanting to impose their way of acting.

The first to respond to the piquant phrase was Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, pre-candidate for opposition president, who rejected the policy of aggression and personal violence. Instead, he proposed an Argentina of unity based on facts and results, stressing the importance of working together to move the country forward.

For his part, Patricia Bullrich, another of the presidential candidates, avoided commenting on Llaryora’s speech, claiming that she had not heard it.

Llaryora’s statement It revealed the tension and polarization that characterizes the electoral campaign, while the leaders of different parties seek to position their proposals and differentiate themselves in the race towards the next presidential elections.

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