The presidential candidate of Together for Change (JxC) Horacio Rodriguez Larreta responded to the letter from the allies of Patricia Bullrichin which they questioned Juan Manuel Lopezwho had warned that a presidency of the former Security Minister could end with an outbreak like the one in December 2001: “I have never said a wrong.”

“We are always on the side of peace. They have not heard a single comment. Not a single comment. Not a single personal criticism. Not a single personalized comment. I have never said a wrong to anyone. I did not, I will not do it It is not my spirit and I am also convinced that it is not good for Argentina”, added Rodriguez Larreta.

In the statement, the bullrichistas argued: “We believe that different demonstrations broadcast in the last hours from your space not only do not contribute anything to good democratic coexistence, but also do not represent the values ​​of Together for Change and harm the fights that we are waging together.”

In that sense, larreta stressed: “To beat Kirchnerism and defeat the drug mafias, we have to be together. That’s why they will always see us working for unity. I repeat, they never hear a single personal criticism from my mouth.”

The clarification of the presidentialist was given in the framework of an act held at Elementary School No. 475, where together with Gerardo Morales, his running mate gave details of a 12-point plan to promote renewable energy in the country.