This Wednesday the last day of presentation of evidence of the trial for the crime of Fernando Báez Sosa will take place, in which eight young people are tried for the homicide.

Judicial sources indicated that there are only two witnesses left to testify before the Oral Criminal Court (TOC) 1 of Dolores. Starting at 9 o’clock, the doctors Juan José Fenoglio and Jorge Rodolfo Velich, experts on behalf of the defense, will testify, in charge of Hugo Tomei, who yesterday afternoon visited the eight defendants whom he represents in the Penal Unit 6 of Dolores and was with them for almost three hours.

“I was in a meeting. What we talked about is part of the professional secret and is confidential,” the lawyer told the press upon leaving jail.

Meanwhile, sources close to the defense indicated that the testimonies of Fenoglio and Velich will point to alleged inconsistencies in the work of the doctor Diego Duarte, who performed the autopsy on Fernando after the crime, at the Pinamar Hospital.

Beyond these witnesses, attention will also be focused on the possibility that a defendant chooses to testify before judges María Claudia Castro, Emiliano Lazzari and Christian Rabaia, after three of them did so in previous days.

From the beginning of the trial, Luciano Pertossi (21), the first to break the silence last Thursday, testified so far; Máximo Thomsen (23), who did it last Monday, and on the penultimate day of testimony, asked Ciro Pertossi (22) to testify.