The Córdoba Book Fair 2022 enters its final stretch with outstanding activities for all audiences and with free admission. Until Monday, the holiday for the Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity, there will be numerous proposals to enjoy at the stands located in the superblock of the Plaza de la Intendencia and in the Cabildo.

Last days to enjoy the Book Fair in Córdoba • Channel C

The event includes reading meetings, workshops, poetry writing, talks, interviews, among others. In turn, it has the presence of foodtrucks so that attendees can consume on the spot.

Last days to enjoy the Book Fair in Córdoba • Channel CLast days to enjoy the Book Fair in Córdoba • Channel C

Next, the grid of the last days:

Sunday October 9

17. Table Debate “The Páez phenomenon”. Nobody disputes the importance and validity of Fito Páez in Argentine rock. However, his figure had a singular exhibition in 2022 and for strictly artistic reasons: releases of several albums, an interview in the Caja Negra cycle and the celebrations for the 30 years of “El amor tras del amor”, one of the albums that they belong to the great history of Argentine music. Participants: Federico Anzardi and Juan Manuel Pairone. Central Grill Tent.

18. Presentation of the book “I tell you for your own good”, by Agustina Cabaleiro (@Onlinemami). “How are you supposed to love yourself if everyone is telling you all the time that you are worthless?” asks the author, and tries to outline some answers, because from a very young age she knew (learned the hard way) that her body was an indelible mark, a stigma. Overmount Scenario

18. Presentation of the book “Unusual stories of the World Cups”, by Luciano Wernike. An emblematic book for fans and the curious: full of stories, anecdotes and incredible cases about the soccer world cups, in the countdown to Qatar 2022. Domo Joven.

18. Storytelling and workshop “Marathon of art and stories” by Gabinete Creativo, aimed at children. By Valentina Martínez Gallino. Organizes: Creative Cabinet. Calipacer Auditorium.

18.30. The writer Luis Gómez Orsini presents his latest bibliographical material Critical pedagogy for Ema and Bruno. Municipal House (General Paz corner La Rioja).

19. Presentation of The Time of the Fliesby Claudia Piñeiro. The author presents her new and long-awaited novel, in which she takes up the story of Inés, the remembered protagonist of Yours, in a story of courage and friendship that fully portrays our society. Ed. Penguin Random House. Accompanies: Juliana Rodríguez. Central Grill Tent.

19. Presentation of the book “Exodus Jujeño”, reissue 10 years of Hernán Brienza. Presents: Mariano Saravia. Ether Books. Main Courtyard, Cabildo de Córdoba.

20. THEATRE. “Cosa de Gordxs” by Daniela Fontanetto, Mamina Andrada and Lorelei Lopes. Direction: Daniela Fontanetto. On Stage: Mamina Andrada and Lorelei Lopes. Audience over 14 years Young Dome. Limited space (by order of arrival).

21. MUSIC. Emmanuel Horvilleur, live. Overmount scenario.

Monday October 10

17. Talk “Memes and contemporary polydramas”, by No es de Vegana. A question like “what are you up to, friends?” no explanation is needed for the more than 400,000 people who follow No es de Vegana, a Cordovan project of memes full of winks and signs of identity. Those responsible (the “absurd” Ariel and Gluko Lin) will talk with the anthropologist Cecilia Castro. Among other topics, they will address the meme as a vehicle to communicate ideas, humor, irony and postmodernism. Overmount scenario.

17. Talk “Autism in all senses”. Speakers from: CEA Córdoba Families Foundation. Curatorship of “Potenciate”. Inclusive Dome.

17. Lecture “Is a New School possible?”, based on the legacy of the authors Olga and Leticia Cossettini. The meeting includes a cossettinian experiential activity, by Professor Marcela Ciappini. Organizes: CALIPACER. Calipacer Auditorium.

17. “History of the puppet theater”. Lucia Di Mauro. Participants: Mauricio Pereyra, Iván Buenader, Mario Díaz, Carlos Piñero, Mónica Evangelista, Yanina Pérez, Patricia Coppola and Marcos Luc. Young Dome.

18.30. Table debate “The World Cup, a global passion”. A few weeks before the long-awaited World Cup in Qatar, there is a debate about football and society, and the impact caused by the great football competition. Participating: Bocha Huriet, and Alejandro Mareco, among others. Overmount scenario.

twenty. MUSIC. Hilda Lizarazu + Escalandrum with Daniel Pipi Piazzola live. Overmount scenario.