The Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training will open registration until June 9 inclusive for the “Xmi” program. The program that seeks to include women in companies and private employers in the province through job training and promoting insertion into the world of work, will have a quota of 10,000 women.

The training will be done through 100% virtual courses and the beneficiaries will have a reward of 45,000 pesos per month for 12 months. The working day would include a practice of 20 hours per week.


Those interested in joining must have CiDi level 2 to register online. and be regularly registered with national, provincial and municipal tax and Social Security agencies.

The total authorized quota for Companies and Private Employers (including all Employment Programs of the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training) may not exceed the following limits:

  • Monotributistas Category “C” onwards: 1 Beneficiary
  • Self-employed workers category II or higher: 1 Beneficiary
  • 1 registered employee: 1 Beneficiary.
  • Between 2 and 5 registered employees: 2 Beneficiaries.
  • Between 6 and 10 registered employees: 3 Beneficiaries.
  • Between 11 and 20 registered employees: 4 Beneficiaries.
  • Those who have more than 20 employees registered with AFIP: 20% of beneficiaries on their personnel plant (decimals are rounded up).


The program is aimed at women who are up to the age of 25 or under 25 with sons and daughters and/or up to retirement age or receiving the Universal Pension for Older Adults. The applicant must reside in the province of Córdoba.

To enroll in the program, it is necessary to have CiDi level 1 and have the CUIT of the company or employer of interest to carry out the internship. The CUIT is necessary to carry out the registration process.

There will be a reserved 5% quota for people with disabilities, transplant recipients or participants in addiction recovery programs. Also another 10% will be reserved for people from sectors of greater vulnerability.

For more information: they can be contacted at 351-5684750 or send a WhatsApp message to 351 8690655. The requirements are also on the website of the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training.

Once the application of both parties (employer and applicant) is completed and waiting to be drawn on June 28. The training and work practices will begin on July 1.