In the midst of many new alliances and departures in the political parties, the idea of ​​the definitive incorporation of the economist José Luis Espert to Together for Change was reiterated in recent days.

Laura Rodríguez Machado, vice president of the PRO and national deputy for Córdoba, in dialogue with the Cadena 3 outlet, refuted the confirmation that Espert had joined the party after a virtual meeting called by Horacio Rodríguez Larreta.

The official said that the economist did not confirm their inclusion in JxC. In addition, she clarified that any alliance must be consented to by the referents Patricia Bullrich and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta.

“If there is no consensus between the two, Espert will not be formally incorporated”

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On the other hand, they discussed Rodríguez Larreta’s attempt to incorporate the governor of Córdoba Schiaretti into Together for Change, but it was denied by the governor himself.

“There was no talk of Schiaretti, I think the issue is finished. He has no interest nor does he intend to join Together for Change, he will not do it,” said deputy Rodríguez Machado

However, the vice president of the PRO stressed that it is necessary to understand that governance agreements and alliances between parties with different ideologies are not the same.

“Alliances are one thing and governance agreements are another, which serve to have consensus policies, work together and produce changes. We agree to improve Argentina.” “Adding for the sake of adding, for having more votes, without thinking about the political coherence of Together for Change does not make sense,” concluded the idea.

Finally, Rodríguez Machado devalued the rumors of a break in JvC and that, despite internal differences, they seek consensus and are united by the country.

“As far as I know, there is none. We are deciding internally what the alliance policy will be within space. We are going to take care of this instrument and overcome our differences in a reasonable and democratic way.”